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Simply Music Piano Program

The Simply Music Piano Program is the future in music education. This play based approach to learning piano is teaching you a new way of learning

 This program produces results that are a huge leap beyond what people have considered possible in music education. It culturally defines what it means to be musical! Everyone is born with music in their bones.

( I can prove it to you if you think you are “not musical”)

There are four things about the Simply Music Piano Program that have it stand apart from any other program. 

  1. Initially it is the quantity of music that students learn to play;

  2. And the quality of the music that they are playing from the beginning;

  3. The speed at which students learn;

  4. And the ease that they experience in learning. 

Simply Music Piano Program" is a non-traditional, play-based approach. Basically meaning the child learns to play first and reading and writing music comes a little later on.

After their first few lessons they will be playing piano pieces with both hands and will build a vast repertoire of lots of different styles from contemporary, classical, blues and accompaniment.

The whole purpose of this method, is that the student has music as a lifelong companion and will be able to just sit down and play anything they wish, without music books in front of them.

How does it work?

The student will have a weekly coaching session with me.

They will then have access to their student home material to practise with during the week. This includes short videos and audio clips to practise with as well as their music book and reference books.

This is one of the areas where Simply Music really differs from traditional programs.

In traditional lessons the focus is very much oriented around the lesson itself, and you've really got to keep your attention on everything that's happening in the lesson, because whatever you can remember and retain from the lesson completely dictates what you’ll be doing during the week. That's not how it works with Simply Music.

What happens with Simply Music is that every two, three, four months, you’ll be purchasing home materials. They’re central to the lessons, they’re critical and they’re fantastic. Depending on the program or the level we’re in, they could cost anywhere from €35 down to under €10, depending on what we’re going to be working with at the time, and these are like having an entire resource library with all sorts of materials to support your child at home.

This is a fully expanded curriculum and there are four goals with this program: 

1. That we produce students who experience playing as a natural self-expression;

2. That we produce students with the ability to play a huge repertoire;

3. That students can self-generate –progress on their own;

4. And that students have a highly self-affirming experience. You get to feel great about yourself because it is victory after victory after victory.


Private lessons – 30 minutes - €25.00

Group Lessons – 45 minutes €20.00

Due to COVID-19 I am offering to travel to students homes at no extra cost.

I can travel to your home for private lessons or I teach from my home in Greystones, Co Wicklow.

Group Lessons are held in Thrive Studios, Unit 10, Level 2, Charlesland SC, Greystones, Co Wicklow.

I also teach siblings as a group lesson in their home, which has lots of benefits for both the parents and the children.

Adults, there is a MusicKid in all of us, so please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you would like to sign up for lessons.

You are never too old to learn or return to lessons. 

Piano Workshop ! 

I regularly hold “4 song workshops”, this is an opportunity to get the experience of learning 4 songs of varied styles, classical, contemporary and blues over 4 weeks ( 1 class per week).

This is ideal, if you are interested in learning piano, but not quite ready to sign up.

Also wonderful idea as a gift for a child or adult for birthday, Christmas or any special occasion. Music is a gift for life.

If you would like to learn more, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.



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