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Piano Keys

The Simply Music Piano Program is the future in music education. This play based approach to learning piano is teaching you a new way of learning

This program produces results that are a huge leap beyond what people have considered possible in music education. It culturally defines what it means to be musical! Everyone is born with music in their bones.


Simply Music Piano Program" is a non-traditional, play-based approach. Basically meaning the child learns to play first and reading and writing music comes a little later on.

After their first few lessons they will be playing piano pieces with both hands and will build a vast repertoire of lots of different styles from contemporary, classical, blues and accompaniment.


The whole purpose of this method, is that the student has music as a lifelong companion and will be able to just sit down and play anything they wish, without music books in front of them.


This is a fully expanded curriculum and there are four goals with this program: 

1. That we produce students who experience playing as a natural self-expression;

2. That we produce students with the ability to play a huge repertoire;

3. That students can self-generate –progress on their own;

4. And that students have a highly self-affirming experience. You get to feel great about yourself because it is victory after victory after victory.

If you would like to learn more, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. 

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